[wix-users] During major upgrade prompt user for version upgrade

Ankur ankur at vitallabsinc.com
Tue Aug 25 08:15:29 PDT 2015


I have built an msi installer using WIX. And as per the requirement I have
to give an upgrade for next build. So, I checked about the upgrade, types
of upgrade, its implementation steps and found Major upgrade will be
suitable for us. So, as per steps I changed Package code, Product code and
version number (increment the version) in project main .wxs file and
generate the build which is upgrading properly (for that I checked in
registry, Control Panel, etc...).

Major upgrade build is migrating features properly but user has no
information whether installer is upgrading or doing the fresh installation.
I am expecting an message like "*The setup has been upgrading from v1.0.0.0
to v2.0.0.0. Do you want to continue*" as user is going for installation. So,
I want to know like what are the steps I have to follow to achieve this.

*Note: *In my project I am having only 2 custom dialogs else rest all
dialogs (e.x. Welcome dialog, EULA dialog, InstallDir dialog, etc...) are
by default coming from WixUIExtension.dll.

Thanks & Regards,
Ankur Jain
Software Engineer

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