[wix-users] IIS Extension Certificate Installer & TARGETDIR

Andy Clugston clugsta at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 07:50:24 PDT 2015


We have discovered an issue related to upgrading certificates with our

The issue is manifesting itself in the field during an upgrade the
certificate is being removed, and the installation/upgrade is finishing
successfully. When our product initializes, it recognizes the certificate
is not present, and in this case the product is not usable.

After some research of logs, it appears that this is linked to Windows
Installer assigning TARGETDIR during the install process. To be clear,
TARGETDIR is not hardcoded, nor is it set on the command line during the
install/upgrade. (our installs are silent). We have always let Windows
Installer determine TARGETDIR. These cases are appearing when a small
HDD/SSD is used, and D:\ ends up being larger than C:\, which I realize
Windows Installer will then set ROOTDIR to D:\ and subsequently TARGETDIR
to D:\ based on the free space logic that is used when the MSI initializes.

In the case of the failures TARGETDIR is set to D:\, whereas typically it
is set to C:\. It *appears* that the IIS extension logic takes a bad path
when this occurs, and actually uninstalls the certificate.

The bad log shows this entry:

MSI (s) (28:88) [15:59:41:718]: Allowing uninstallation of shared
component: {D7AB2C82-3B28-47EB-A957-9D830A18B104}. Other clients exist, but
installed to a different location

The good log the following:

MSI (s) (44:48) [14:57:10:515]: Disallowing uninstallation of component:
{D7AB2C82-3B28-47EB-A957-9D830A18B104} since another client exists

To be clear the *good* log is where TARGETDIR is set to C:\.

So, high level at the moment, are there any known issues/bugs? We are using
WiX 3.5.

Thank you for the help.

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