[wix-users] Dependency extension usage

kevin.miller at tabbedout.com kevin.miller at tabbedout.com
Wed Aug 5 15:02:49 PDT 2015

The documentation for the Wix Dependency Extension is a bit vague regarding an actual implementation. I am trying to spike this out with two test projects and I cannot get them to have a successful dependency.

Here is a gist with the .wxs of the two projects: https://gist.github.com/KevM/9fd8950b78bde84da091

The short of it is the following:

In the Provider I add a <Provides> element declaring my love for the key “Provider-Zazzle”.

<Component Id=“ProductComponent” Guid=“{CD433A90-955C-454A-A883-B12E72C74C11}”>

  <Dep:Provides Key=“Provider-Zazzle”/>
  <File Source=“$(var.ParentConsole.TargetPath)” />

In the installer that requires the provider I tried a few things: Adding a <Provides ProviderKey=“Provider-Zazzle”/> element to the <Product> element (with an Id). That didn’t work.

I saw that for some reason the Provides is also a parent element to Requires. So I tried adding one of these to a component.

<Component Id=“ProductComponent” Guid=“{CD433A90-955C-454A-A883-B12E72C74C11}”>
    <Dep:Requires ProviderKey=“Provider-Zazzle”/>
  <File Source=“$(var.ChildConsole.TargetPath)” />

Neither of these worked. So clearly I am missing something important. Any help would be appreciated.

Kevin Miller

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