[wix-users] Error event not fired, deleting package

Johri, Mohit IN BLR STS mohit.johri at siemens.com
Tue Aug 4 21:14:31 PDT 2015


I have a custom Bootstrapper, which have multiple MSIs being installed on the system.

I have a situation here, if the user delete a package from the diskset ( which he is allowed to do in some cases) before installation. The error event as mentioned below should get triggered, which in my case doesn't happen, Bootstrapper just automatically gets closed without firing the Error event.

CustomBootstrapperApplication.Model.BootstrapperApplication.Error += OnError;

Log file message:

[04A8:0BE0][2015-08-04T10:12:36]e054: Failed to resolve source for file: C:\Users\cpp\Desktop\DiskSet\XYZ\XYZ.msi, error: 0x80070002.
[04A8:0BE0][2015-08-04T10:12:36]e000: Error 0x80070002: Failed while prompting for source (original path 'C:\Users\cpp\Desktop\DiskSet\XYZ\XYZ.msi').
[04A8:0BE0][2015-08-04T10:12:36]e313: Failed to acquire payload: XYZ to working path: C:\Users\cpp\AppData\Local\Temp\{48cb9bd9-06e5-4bf8-889d-9be9902cb1c2}\XYZ, error: 0x80070002.

Can anyone help, why this is happening( Error event not getting fired)?

Thanks & Regards,

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