[wix-devs] MsiE2ETests - CanRepairUsers

Ron Martin cpuwzd at comcast.net
Thu Jul 28 09:01:25 PDT 2022

I've been working on the failing test referenced in the subject line.In 
each phase, msi reads data from
ProductA.msi and writes data to a temporary msi file named in the lo 
file. There are three users in the Wix4User
table: TEST_USER1, TEST_USER2, and TEST_USER3. The first two of these 
are straightforward. The third
is parametrized and resolves to my domain and user name.

The parametrization is visible in ProductA.msi and corresponds to the 
authoring in ProductA\product.wxs.
When I dump the Wix4Users table in the install phase, my actual domain 
and user names appear in the table.
However, in the repair phase, my domain and user names are empty.

Substituting the parameter values for the bracketed phrases in 
ProductA.msi using Orca makes the test
pass. The table dumps are as expected. The failure is independent with 
respect to the domain and user

I don't know if the parameter expansion is done within the execution of 
WcaGetRecordFormattedString, but
ultimately, it appears to be done within msiexec.

I'd appreciate any insight that can be shed on this issue.


Ron Martin

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