[wix-devs] nuget.config

Mark Stega mark at optimiumhealth.com
Mon Jan 17 09:12:44 PST 2022

In the Wix4 repository there are two files, nuget_official.config & nuget.config. Early in a 'src\build_official' there is an unconditional copy of nuget_official.config to nuget.config. This creates a delta for nuget.config as the content is slightly reordered in nuget_official.

When I was working on the version info for help, I was very careful not to commit nuget.config since what I was doing had nothing to do with nuget, so each time before committing I would discard the changes to nuget.config.

I'd like to propose that one of two things be done:
     1) Just bring the two files in sync by committing nuget.config after  the copy occurs in a build
     2) Make nuget.config an artifact of the build, deleting it from the repository and then updating .gitignore in the "WiX specific ignores" section 

I have a new branch open for the work that I am doing on issue #6681 so I could do either as a 'side effect' of the #6681 work.

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