[wix-devs] More on Wix 4.0 Build Problems

Rebecca Cran rebecca at bsdio.com
Thu May 20 21:43:04 PDT 2021

I hit the same problem and solved it by modifying the VS2019 install to 
include the latest version of the various v142 tools, SDKs etc.

I subsequently ran into it wanting the VS2017 bits too, so I went and 
installed those components in my VS2019 installation too. After that the 
build succeeded.

Rebecca Cran

On 5/20/21 10:35 PM, Ron Martin via wix-devs wrote:
> Running build.cmd, things running smoothly until:
> Build started 5/21/2021 12:23:09 AM.
> Project 
> "D:\Repos\Wix\wix4\src\libs\dutil\WixToolset.DUtil\dutil.vcxproj" on 
> node 1 (default targets).
> C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual 
> Studio\2019\Community\MSBuild\Microsoft\VC\v160\Microsoft.CppBuild.targets(439,
> 5): error MSB8020: The build tools for v142 (Platform Toolset = 
> 'v142') cannot be found. To build using the v142 build
> tools, please install v142 build tools.  Alternatively, you may 
> upgrade to the current Visual Studio tools by selecting
>  the Project menu or right-click the solution, and then selecting 
> "Retarget solution". [D:\Repos\Wix\wix4\src\libs\duti
> l\WixToolset.DUtil\dutil.vcxproj]
> Done Building Project 
> "D:\Repos\Wix\wix4\src\libs\dutil\WixToolset.DUtil\dutil.vcxproj" 
> (default targets) -- FAILED.
> Build FAILED.
> There are dependencies on Toolset 14.2 (referenced as 14.0). I can't 
> tell if my version of VS 2019 is too new or
> your libraries are built with a version of VS2019 that is too old. I 
> might be missing an optional VS2019 component.
> Any suggestions?
> As always, thanks for your help.
> Ron
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