[wix-devs] Some meeting topics

Sean Hall r.sean.hall at gmail.com
Mon May 24 20:29:58 PDT 2021

Here are some topics to discuss at a future meeting (random order):

1. Message based Burn API vs Interface based APIs
2. MEND and #5911
3. How to build a single .wixlib with different files compiled with
different architectures, see TestBA and TestBA_x64 .wixlibs in
4. We should go through all v4 issues and triage them.
5. Will Burn search elements stay in Util.wixext or move into Core?
6. How to track that in the new repo there are several .nupkg with native
assets that should not be there (.pdbs are bloating the package, .exe/.dll
outside of the runtime folder)?

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