[wix-devs] binlog

Ron Martin cpuwzd at comcast.net
Thu Dec 16 11:43:35 PST 2021

I think I just sent a link to my binlog. I'll verify that it was 
successful as soon as I get the message from the list server.

The key to unraveling my massive change (which I was hoping to avoid by 
squashing and sorting before exposing you to it) is that most of the hot 
spots are marked by "xxxxx", i.e. five consecutive lower-case x's.

There are many of these that contain the comment "Is this necessary". If 
the associated code is currently commented out, the answer appears to 
be, "No, this code is not necessary." You can ignore all of these 

There are many issues documented this way. However, if you focus on 
dutil and wixnative, the changes should not be overwhelming.

Thanks for your help!


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