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If we were to do #5911, then how much control would we give? I'm seeing a
lot of parallels between this and DisplayInternalUI where v3 had Opinions
and gave limited control but people wanted full control. I lean towards
full control to empower users that run into the 0.1% of the time that they
need it, but I'm not an expert on how to (in)correctly use all the
different options for REINSTALLMODE.

If it's just a few options then we could probably have Mend2, Mend3, etc.
With different names, obviously. I'm not a really fan of this approach
though, because having any number of BOOTSTRAPPER_REQUEST_STATE values that
only apply to MSI packages is a sign to me that it should be done
differently. For example, use the same OnPlanMsiPackage event that was
added in v4 for the BA to control the UI level and add another knob that
controls the REINSTALLMODE.

On Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 1:21 PM Bob Arnson <bob at firegiant.com> wrote:

> They're related in that they both manage REINSTALLMODE. "Mend" came about
> because "repair" is badly named and really should have been "reinstall." A
> repair/reinstall will overwrite everything, which means stopping/restarting
> services and triggering custom actions, and so forth. Mend does a "softer"
> repair that doesn't trigger all that.
> If we were to do 5911, we could probably come up with a design that would
> also satisfy the requirements for mend.
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> https://www.firegiant.com/blog/2018/12/6/wix-online-meeting-159-highlights/
> (starts at 9:52)
> FireGiant contributed BOOTSTRAPPER_REQUEST_STATE_MEND to v4 in
> https://github.com/wixtoolset/burn/pull/51. It vaguely reminded me of
> someone asking for control over REINSTALLMODE in bundles - #5911. MEND
> seems to me to be a v3-style targeted fix for the more general feature
> requested there. So my question while we can still make breaking changes is
> - what's the relationship between these? Also, it seems odd to me that
> MEND doesn't have an overall BOOTSTRAPPER_ACTION and must be requested
> per-package. Some background on what MEND what was built for would be nice.
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