[wix-devs] #3640 - Burn will use incorrect payload if local

Sean Hall r.sean.hall at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 12:58:57 PDT 2021

I have implemented a solution for this at
https://github.com/wixtoolset/burn/pull/48. There's still some work left
to get the progress right. This pull request is fixing some design flaws:

During Detect, a payload was assumed as cached if the file existed and had
the right size. In v3 and v4, this could have been a false positive if it
had the wrong hash. In v3, this could have been a false negative if the
payload was supposed to be verified through Authenticode. This partial
verification was done because full verification could make Detect take too

When trying to acquire a payload and the engine found a suitable file in
one of its probe paths, the BA never got a chance to change the source even
if the payload verification failed.

The engine made it impossible for the BA to request that an embedded be
downloaded instead of acquired through the container (#5253).

The fixes for these flaws are:

During Detect, count a package as cached if any of a package's payloads
exist without checking the file size. This makes Detect faster.

Cache planning is done at the package level instead of the payload level,
which ensures that all payloads for packages being cached go through full
verification. This also allows the BA to request that an embedded payload
is downloaded instead of extracted from a container.

The BA can set the source during the OnCacheAcquireBegin/Complete
events, which are always sent to the BA if the payload wasn't already
present and verified.

The API has changed between the engine and the BA, full details can be seen
in the PR. The OnResolveSource event has been removed. This event was
basically doing two things: allowing the BA to request that the BA be
downloaded and allowing the BA to set the source. A new
OnCacheAcquireResolving event has been added.

For the request to download, this should be needed rarely after this pull
request. If the payload can't be found locally and isn't embedded in a
container, then the engine will now automatically try to download it if it
has a DownloadUrl. That being said, the BA can request to download from
OnCacheAcquireBegin or the new OnCacheAcquireResolving event.

For setting the source, this is now allowed in OnCacheAcquireBegin and
OnCacheAcquireComplete. It is not allowed in the new
OnCacheAcquireResolving event, but only because we don't have a good way
for the BA to send strings to the engine to interact with a BA event.

Some examples:

1. Uncompressed bundle, web download

In this scenario, the user downloads the bundle .exe by itself and
everything is downloaded as needed. All payloads have a DownloadUrl. In v3,
the BA would have to request Download in OnResolveSource for every payload.
With this PR, no BA code is required because the engine will automatically
try to use the DownloadUrl. If the web server requires authentication, the
BA could set that for every payload in OnCacheAcquireBegin or like v3 could
just use the BA manifest to go through all the payloads and set them before

2. Uncompressed bundle, DVD layout

In this scenario, the user runs the bundle .exe from a DVD that has all the
payloads next to it. There should be no change in behavior here, the engine
should find all payloads next to the bundle with no BA code required.

3. Fully compressed bundle

In this scenario, the bundle was installed. The user modifies the
installation and installs a package not already present. In v3, the only
way to get the required payload would be to provide the original bundle.
With this PR, the BA could set the DownloadUrl during OnCacheAcquireBegin
and request Download to avoid the engine trying to locate the original
bundle. There would be a corresponding change in Core that allows the
authoring of a DownloadUrl for embedded payloads so that the BA would only
have to request download during OnCacheAcquireBegin or

An aside:

The .NET Core team solves the string problem by providing callbacks. For
example, their new API that they added to list the runtimes and SDKs on the
machine: https://github.com/dotnet/runtime/issues/46128.

For these events where we want to allow changing the source, we could pass
in additional parameters that are callback functions. For example:

    LPVOID pvContext;

    __in LPCWSTR wzPath,
    __in LPVOID pvContext

To keep the binary compatibility goal, it would probably have to instead
use the ARGS and RESULTS struct paradigm but this is easier to write.

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