[wix-devs] Suggestion: New predefined variable for Burn Bundle: Sha2Supported

Tobias Erichsen info at tobias-erichsen.de
Thu Mar 5 19:10:40 PST 2020

Hi there,

I know that Windows 7 is dead, but there are quite a few people out there still
running those, especially version that have not been upgraded to support SHA2.

As those W7 installations cannot currently receive any updates after the update
servers have been updated to only support SHA2, I was wondering if it would
be possible to include a variable "Sha2Supported" which will check for availability
of KB 3033929.

So depending on this variable, I could either install an old version of my driver
(SHA1-signed) or issue a warning to manually install KB3033929...

On Github there is a simple check available for SHA2 compatiblity:

What do you think about that proposal?

Best regards,

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