[wix-devs] 4822 - Delay ARP registration in Bundles until a non-permanent package is installed

Sean Hall r.sean.hall at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 19:04:19 PDT 2020

The reason I want "until first non-permanent package" is that it seems to
be the best way to describe when a "real" part of the bundle has been
installed. If the bundle is uninstalling and it fails before all
non-permanent packages are uninstalled, then I don't think the
"InProgressRegistrationName" should ever be written to ARP during that
Apply execution.

Points 1 and 2 in the WIP should ensure that if the BA does
Detect/Plan/Apply then the engine does the right thing. So the only problem
is if the BA doesn't successfully start Apply. That means that any
functionality we add would have to happen when they call the engine's Quit
method, and it probably would need a new command line parameter since we
shouldn't rely on the BA calling Detect. That should be possible to
implement but might be tricky since the BA has effectively shutdown and
wouldn't be expecting any more messages.

On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 6:20 AM Rob Mensching <rob at firegiant.com> wrote:

> "InProgressRegistrationName" attribute is fine and I'm conflicted whether
> it should be used until the first non-permanent package or during the whole
> execution. I lean towards the latter but I'd be interested in other's
> thoughts.
> However, I do not expect the "InProgressRegistrationName" attribute will
> be accepted as the solution to the way mbapreq leaves the Bundle registered
> after installing the .NET Framework. If the engine doesn't do anything then
> we'll probably need to write documentation about how to handle this in the
> BA because I doubt BA writers will immediately know how to solve it.
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> I created a WIP for this at
> https://wixtoolset.org/development/wips/4822-in-progress-arp-entry/. It
> didn't seem to me like we had agreed about anything yet.

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