[wix-devs] Scheduling WiX Meeting

Sean Hall r.sean.hall at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 14:07:40 PDT 2020

Also there are also too many holidays on Mondays. The 15:30/16:00 timeslot
seemed pretty stable, or go back to the Tuesday/Thursday 09:30 timeslot
that we used for years(!).

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> My Mondays are booked.  But I'd be open to hearing other time slots.
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> School is starting and the schedule collides with our current time for WiX
> Meetings on Wednesday afternoon (Pacific time). Sean is also back from
> Australia so I think that gives us more US-based timeslots to choose from.
> If we like the current time, Mondays are an option.
> Are there any preferences people have?
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