[wix-devs] Stable Guid MSBuild task

Hoover, Jacob Jacob.Hoover at greenheck.com
Tue Sep 17 11:53:30 PDT 2019

Just like the Id’s of files/components remain stable when using an *, this logic is able to generate a RFC 4122 compliant GUID.

For me, this allows me to not constantly update a statically generated list of GUIDs, but if I wanted to know what GUID was used for a product code of a build from 3 years ago I could calculate the value.  In addition, I repackage my application for multiple different installs (think Develop/Test/Production/etc) and I want to build the installs from the same authoring.

In my example, the Version parameter is only the Major.Minor part, not for each point release.

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Under what circumstances would I want my UpgradeCode to change build to build?

What does stable mean? I assume the code changes build to build but in what ways does it change?

Edwin G. Castro

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For wix4, would anyone else find use in having the existing stable guid logic also exposed as a MSBuild task? While a random guid works, sometimes having something deterministic is desired.

  <Target Name="GenerateUpgradeCode">

                <GetStableGUID Key="$(ProductCodeKey)" Salt="$(Salt)">
                                <Output TaskParameter="Stable" PropertyName="ProductCode" />
                <GetStableGUID Key="$(UpgradeCodeKey)" Salt="$(Salt)">
                                <Output TaskParameter="Stable" PropertyName="UpgradeCode" />


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