[wix-devs] WixComPlusExtension Status Update 4

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Sorry. Missed that it was internal. I've sent a request to the admin.

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  Can you make your demo public?

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Subject: [wix-devs] WixComPlusExtension Status Update 4

I've managed to get a repo for my timing issue demo case:

My fork with modifications is at:

I put the repo steps into the comments inside:

To actually debug it, as per the Microsoft documentation, set a system level environment variable MsiBreak=ConfigureComPlusInstall (if you want to see the reading of the table) Or MsiBreak=ComPlusInstallExecuteCommit
(if you only care about the actual failure)

The line that will fail will be in:
line 237.

As near as I can tell, I need to find some way of guaranteeing that the registry writes are visible *to all processes* by the time that line executes. I don't know whether transactions might be a factor.

I'm testing this on Windows 10, in case it matters.

Thank you for your recommendations.

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