[wix-devs] WixComPlusExtension Status update 3

Hoover, Jacob Jacob.Hoover at greenheck.com
Thu Aug 29 13:54:13 PDT 2019

Look at the InstallExecute sequence to see where your CA is scheduled with respect to the other action that is writing to the registry (I would assume it's WriteRegistryValues).

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I have reached a point where I am able to test the installer in my test environment - things are not 100% done yet but it's good enough for investigation.

One problem I am encountering is that the registry keys to be written by <Class> elements have not yet committed to the registry during the custom action. At least this seems to be the case based on (1) the error code returned by the API and (2) inspection via regedit with the installer stopped in the debugger.

I'm open to suggestions to resolve this aspect.

I plan to be online at tonight's meeting.

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