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Thanks for the detail. It would help me a lot if you could use concrete examples. For example, first provide an example of .wxs code for that would "normally" be used to install a COM+ today. Then show a second example of the new .wxs code, and to concretely show what must be added/changed to support the scenario.

Examples help me visualize what is going on. It will be especially helpful here since I've never worked with COM+ and your real world examples should help ground the conversation.


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Hello Wix-Devs.

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Now that I'm refamiliarizing myself with the issues, and closer to where I have my notes, I can recall that my basic plan was to allow a new child of ComPlusApplication in the wxs. As an alternate to ComPlusAssembly, we would have new element, strawman name ComPlusImportedComponent. Looking carefully, it *might* be possible to allow ComPlusComponent at this level instead of only as a child of Assembly, and based on the parent, determine whether we're imported or installed. That's probably something to look into after getting something working.
Regardless, the goal is to change the runtime behavior to call ImportComponent instead of InstallComponent.

I think I need to engineer a three-part plan.
1) The compiler needs to know to take the new element and put it in a table.
2) cpsched needs to query the table and emit data into the property used to
   communicate to cpexec.
3) cpexec needs to parse the property and send it down into an alternative for
   CpiConfigureAssemblies() in each of ComPlusInstallExecute(),
   ComPlusInstallExecuteCommit(), and ComPlusUninstallExecute().

There may need to be some additional supporting work to achieve those and keep rollback where we want it.

One unrelated improvement I want to make is to the Documentation to indicate that the ComPlusGroupInApplicationRole is expecting to cooperate with UtilExtension's Group (likely similar for User). I'm not quite sure where to go in order to make documentation edits.

Thank you for your time and feedback.

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