[wix-devs] Unexpected issue with redirect

Hoover, Jacob Jacob.Hoover at greenheck.com
Fri Aug 16 08:33:48 PDT 2019

I have a MsiPackage in my bundle which uses the Payload/@DownloadUrl over HTTP.  I recently migrated this content from a private server to Azure, and updated the web server to redirect the bundle to the new location.  WinINet seems to have an issue when I redirect from HTTP to HTTPS if the user has the IE/WinINet option turned on ( Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Security and look for the "Warn if changing between secure and non secure mode" setting at the bottom of the form. )

With this turned on, my bundle fails with:
[3ED4:3E20][2019-08-16T10:20:54]i338: Acquiring package: X, payload: X, download from: http://...
[3ED4:3E20][2019-08-16T10:20:54]e000: Error 0x80072f07: Failed to send request to URL: http://....msi, trying to process HTTP status code anyway.
[3ED4:3E20][2019-08-16T10:20:54]e000: Error 0x80072f76: Failed attempt to download URL: 'http://...' to: 'C:\Users\Y\AppData\Local\Temp\...'

>From http://errco.de/win32/winerror-h/wininet_e_http_to_https_on_redir/0x80072f07/, A redirect request will change a non-secure to a secure connection.

And http://errco.de/win32/winerror-h/wininet_e_header_not_found/0x80072f76/, The requested header was not found

While I could dig into burn and attempt to disable this option for the bundle, my fear is that if I disable this option then the valid use case for the error of HTTPS -> HTTP would be disabled.

Ref: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/e3179ec9-5460-43b7-a47f-6f941b82a377/sharepoint-server-2016-prerequisitesinstallerexe-error-install-microsoft-odbc-driver-11-for-sql?forum=SP2016


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