[wix-devs] Custom action data parsing with equals sign as first char

Vanni Giachin Vanni.Giachin at qlik.com
Tue Apr 30 01:10:54 PDT 2019


The custom action data string parsing done on Microsoft.Deployment.WindowsInstaller.CustomActionData should in my opinion be adjusted in order to work better in case of values starting with the equals sign.

As example now the Parse method converts: username=domain\user;password==test123! to: {"username": "domain\user", "password==test123!": ""}.

In my opinion after the split by the data separator ( ; ), the first key value separator occurrence ( = ) should be used to detect the key, so: {"username": "domain\user", "password": "=test123!"}.

This because the probability to have special characters (like = ) on the variable key, is lower than have them on the variable value, like in the domain credentials password example above.

Currently the double value ( ;; or == ) is used as escape strategy, however, since the first equals sign not followed by another equals is selected as separator, the current strategy does not work for values starting with equals.

Thank you in advance

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