[wix-devs] In burn verifying a prerequisite is installed during install but doesn't matter during uninstall...

Steve Ogilvie sogilvie at msn.com
Thu Oct 18 08:07:54 PDT 2018

Hi folks,

I am verifying that a prerequisite for our installer is already installed (it is the parent product of what we are installing).

It is working fine, during install, it detects whether or not the product is installed.
However, on uninstall if the parent product is not present the installer won’t uninstall (which is not good), I have played around trying to fix this and not having a good fix.
I end up getting the installer failing on the condition that the parent product is NOT installed (but on uninstall it doesn’t matter).

So I need:

  1.  On install make sure the parent product exists in order for us to install
  2.  On uninstall it doesn’t matter if parent product exists or not…

Here is my code:
<?define ParentProdcutVersion = v2.10.0.0 ?>
<util:ProductSearch Id="ISPARENTPRODUCTINSTALLED" UpgradeCode="{<the upgrade GUID of the parent product}" Result="version" Variable="ISPARENTPRODUCTINSTALLED" />

<!-- Check to make sure Parent product is installed -->
  <bal:Condition Message="#(loc.ParentProductNotInstalled_Message)">
    <![CDATA[NOT Installed AND (ISPARENTPRODUCTINSTALLED >= $(var.ParentProdcutVersion))]]>

Any help would be appreciated.



Steve Ogilvie
Builds and Release

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