[wix-devs] WIX new Release information

Suraj Shrivastav sshrivastav at sbsc.com
Mon Feb 19 09:08:46 PST 2018

Hello Rob,

Thanks for your quick response .

Can 3.10 and 3.11 coexist ?

Suraj Shrivastav

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Hello Team,

In our organisation we are using VSTS which is based on VS2015 and WIX 3.10 , I checked your release news and found WIX 3.11 is now available .

Can you please help me with below questions -

1- Can we install WIX 3.11 with VS2015

2- Builds those all are working on WIX 10.0 will work same on WIX 3.11

Please help me with your response.

Suraj Shrivastav
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