[wix-devs] Votive Support for VS2019

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Thu Dec 20 09:08:14 PST 2018

Sorry, my mistake. I thought this was about adding detection support for VS2019 to the VSExtension.

I agree, Votive is independent (and one of the reasons I did the work to make it independent).

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Personally with Votive being in it's own repos  I don't see it as a v3 or v4 thing.  It  seems to be it's own v1  thing.

There is a related issue for the VSExtension.   It continues to be a v3 / v4 thing as far as I can tell.

So my desire in all of this is to be on time or ahead of the curve for VS2019 shipping for my IsWiX project.    For me that means I need the VSExtension updated so I can update my installer to target VS2019  and  I need Votive updated so WiX works and therefore IsWiX works against 2019.

For the time being I checked box number one by making a private build of WiX 3  with the VSExtension support and used that to build my IsWiX.  I did not need to make this available to the public.

For box number two, I checked this by building a publishing a fork of Votive  for those users who want to be able to use IsWiX with VS2019.   I will strop distributing this the moment an official Votive is available.

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We'll triage this issue together today. We triage the open issues every other Thursday.

I expect there will be a debate whether this is a change we'll take into WiX v3. Definitely seems like something to go into WiX v4.

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With VS 2019 Preview dropping the other day, I've looked into what it'll take to get Votive working in VS 2019.   The approach is simple:  Clone the VS2017 project and rebrand it as VS2019 and update the [15.0-16.0) range to [16.0-17.0) ( min 16  inclusive,  max 17 not inclusive).

I set up an official-unofficial build and was able to confirm successful installation and operation of votive on a clean vm with a fresh installation of VS 2019 preview.

Any feedback?  I'm ready to submit the PR.

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