[wix-devs] Visual Studio 2019 Preview 1

Christopher Painter chrpai at iswix.com
Tue Dec 11 05:50:53 PST 2018

I took a look at it.  Interesting how I have to do a nuget restore before loading the sln instead of just loading the sln and having each package restore it's dependencies on build like the normal default nuget experience.  Also didn't take the time to figure out the strong name stuff so I removed and readded the votive references to get it to build without caring about the signature of the reference.

Best I could tell  VS 2019 didn't like the [14.0,16.0)  that's in there now.  I changed it to [16.0] and it installed.

Or it said it installed.  I saw the the template files in the structure though and it showed  in extensions but I couldn't get and .wixproj  to load  and  VS 2019 has a totally new project creation UI and I couldn't find the WiX project templates in it anywhere.

Anyways that's my current findings.  I'll work on it some more but I'm afraid it might be  beyond me.  We'll see I guess.   I'm aware of all the tools vendors typically lagging behind.   This is something I deal with also with IsWiX which is typically predicated on Votive support being ready first.



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...or after VS2019 ships. Votive doesn't really have a maintainer so quite often it doesn't catch up until a month or more after VS ships (at best). It doesn't help that VS is shipping even faster. I did the work to break out Votive into its own repo so someone else could deal with it.

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Rob did a whole bunch of work to refactor Votive into a Marketplace extension for VS2017. It's now at https://github.com/wixtoolset/VisualStudioExtension. You are welcome to try to see how much work it will be to get it working in VS2019 Preview. All of us on the core team are spending our efforts on v4 so I don't think anyone is going to even look at it until VS2019 is about to ship.

wixtoolset/VisualStudioExtension - GitHub<https://github.com/wixtoolset/VisualStudioExtension>
WiX Toolset Visual Studio Extension (aka: Votive) This repository contains the code for the WiX Toolset Visual Studio Extension. To install the extension, use the Extension Manager inside Visual Studio or visit the Visual Studio Marketplace. The following links will take you to more details:

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> I noticed that MSFT released Visual Studio 2019 Preview 1  today.  Has
> anyone looked at the LOE to release a WiX VS Extension for it?
> Hopefully it's just like the VS2017 version but bumped up a rev.
> Once this is done I can look at what it would take to get IsWiX up to
> speed with it.
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