[wix-devs] Defining "forward-compatible bundle"

Phill Hogland PhillHogland+wix at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 18:15:30 PDT 2017

>>What kinds of things can end up being related bundles? Why might a custom
>>BA want to handle OnDetectRelatedBundle?

Look at the RelatedBundle element in the wix schema.  I author a
RelatedBundle element using the Detect option in each bundle I spin up.  I
also create 'Addon' bundles which also have a ReleatedBundle element with
the option 'addon' and the guid defined for the target bundle.  There are
also 'Patch' and 'Upgrade' types of 'related' bundles.

The different types of related bundles have different behaviors, after they
are installed when the base bundle is repaired, upgraded, or uninstalled.
I implement DetectRelatedBundle in my mba to implement business logic
required to assure that in my case the addon is appropriate for the
detected base configuration.  (I use the same mba dll in many different
types of bundles with business logic specific to a bundle's behavior and a
related view, keying off of the BundleTag.)

On Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 7:45 PM, Joseph Musser <me at jnm2.com> wrote:

> I am really sorry for all the questions! I'm sure any one of you could tell
> me a line or two to change to fix the BA same version upgrade bug. Rob said
> <https://twitter.com/wixtoolset/status/836809637961875457> this bug can't
> really be painful because no one has stepped up to contribute a fix;
> however, it's continuing to cause enough pain and wasted time where I work
> that I'm determined to learn how to fix it since I know you're all busy.
> I've searched the internet and the wix3 documentation and haven't been able
> to find info on these:
> DetectForwardCompatibleBundle
> <https://github.com/wixtoolset/wix3/blob/a83b2130299ef95c9b0ec5c6d80bf3
> 4cc4722dfb/src/burn/engine/detect.cpp#L82>:
> What are forward-compatible bundles? Why might a custom BA want to handle
> OnDetectForwardCompatibleBundle?
> DetectReportRelatedBundles
> <https://github.com/wixtoolset/wix3/blob/a83b2130299ef95c9b0ec5c6d80bf3
> 4cc4722dfb/src/burn/engine/detect.cpp#L146>:
> What kinds of things can end up being related bundles? Why might a custom
> BA want to handle OnDetectRelatedBundle?
> Is DetermineRelationType
> <https://github.com/wixtoolset/wix3/blob/a83b2130299ef95c9b0ec5c6d80bf3
> 4cc4722dfb/src/burn/engine/relatedbundle.cpp#L136>
> likely the place where the same version upgrade fix needs to start?
> Thanks so much!
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