[wix-devs] Build errors for chm.helpproj

Sean Hall r.sean.hall at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 15:10:42 PST 2017

I get this issue intermittently on wix3 and wix4.  I can always get it
working by cleaning and then building again.  It doesn't happen often
enough for me to be able to look into it.

On Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 5:07 PM, Heath Stewart <heaths at outlook.com> wrote:

> Started seeing these errors again (it’s been a long time). Any way to fix
> the issues? Prevents me from building the entire wix.proj. It’s not
> blocking immediate work, but I’d like to have a clean, full build to make
> sure everything is working.
>   C:\Users\heaths\Source\Repos\wix3\tools\WixBuild.helpproj.targets(74,5):
> error MSB3073: The command ""C:\Users\heaths
> \Source\Repos\wix3\build\debug\x86\doccompiler.exe"
> "C:\Users\heaths\Source\Repos\wix3\build\obj\debug\x86\chm\intermed
> iate\\" "C:\Users\heaths\Source\Repos\wix3\build\obj\debug\x86\chm\out\\"
> "layouts" -appendmdtoc "C:\Users\heaths\Sourc
> e\Repos\wix3\build\obj\debug\x86\chm\intermediate\\index.html.md" -ignore
> "C:\Users\heaths\Source\Repos\wix3\build\obj\
> debug\x86\chm\intermediate\content\\" -ignore
> "C:\Users\heaths\Source\Repos\wix3\build\obj\debug\x86\chm\out\content\\"
> -ignorexsdsimpletypeintoc -htmlhelp "C:\Users\heaths\Source\Repos\
> wix3\build\obj\debug\x86\chm\wix.hhp"" exited with c
> ode -532462766. [C:\Users\heaths\Source\Repos\wix3\src\chm\chm.helpproj]
> Speaking of which, any thoughts to setting up an appveyor PR build? I’ve
> done this for a number of projects.
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