[wix-devs] New contributor - wixtoolset/issues#5503/

Jay Michaud jay_m_michaud at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 8 20:53:02 PST 2017

Hi everyone,
I have been using the WiX Toolset for a while, and I would like to begin contributing where possible. Since I am new to the WiX codebase, git, and GitHub, I found the tiniest possible bug to fix to learn the process: 5503. Even though the issue was reported for wix3, I submitted the fix for wix4 because it had been added to the v4.x milestone.

Thank you, Rob Mensching, for your recent "Let's Code" blog posts where you walked through fixing some bugs; the example git commands in those posts were needed templates and prompted me to give this a try.


Jay Michaud

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