[wix-devs] Build wixv4 with VS 2017 RC Community

Andreas Orzyszek andreas.orzyszek at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 08:09:12 PST 2017


today I had the time to setup a dev machine and figured out what I need 
to select in the VS2017 Setup that it works.
Maybe this could be the first doc for v4 to make it a bit easier for 
first time users.

I then wanted to grab a simple bug about a spelling error to get used to 
the commit stuff. I never used github or git before.
On the website committers a told to build "Debug", "Release" and run the 
tests first.

The normal build finishes without problems, but the Release Build does 
not work. Some error in dtf project, but I only changed one line in the 
burn engine. I just can't get it to work.
Some help would be nice, maybe someone else has seen this.

I then tried to run the tests but it is getting worse, like 50% are 
failing. Are they just not working in v4 or did I miss something?



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