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 While I understand your point of view, my management at work always pressures me to do something even if it's not perfect.   Other tools have had XML Locator patterns for 10+ years now.   If the toolset doesn't have the feature the wix-user is likely going to do the very thing that concerns you:  Write it themselves, probably in C#/DTF.

 Personally, I compile my .NET CAs for 2.0 or 3.5 wherever possible and use the CustomAction.Config to tell it to run on whatever.  This hasn't bit me yet.  Didn't we see a new version of VS that shipped over the years that initially created DLLs that wouldn't run on Windows XP?  (Not that I care about XP.. more the point that native can have issues also.)

Microsoft seems to change their roadmaps and codenames every few months and I've lost track... what ever happened to .NET Native?   I guess that never panned out into a way to write native MSI custom actions.

Fyodor-   If you take this a step further and build it as a WiX Extension  (.DLL/.XSD)  I would happily take this as a feature in my IsWiX open source project.  I'd write a UI designer also that let the developer author their XML search.



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That would be very nice. However, do note that we can't take managed code custom actions into the WiX Standard CustomActions. Managed code creates long term dependencies on a platform that may ship side-by-side and can break today's users in the future. That is why all WiX Standard CustomActions are written in native code.

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I have added a new feature request to add capability to search in xml file like RegSearch or DirSearch.

I would like to hear opinion if this feature will be welcome and if some developers added this to their setups already.
We had to implement this in fast mode using .NET custom action and custom table.

I would like to add this to WIX toolset in more professional manner so that every one can use this.

Fyodor Koryazhkin

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