[wix-devs] Votive 2017 - Votive via VS Marketplace

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Tue Feb 14 22:12:32 PST 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

At today's online meeting we discussed the Votive for Visual Studio 2017 implementation proposed by FireGiant (WIP: http://wixtoolset.org/development/wips/5492-votive-via-vs-marketplace/): https://youtu.be/cGrn_PZl7q4?t=21m30s

As mentioned there were a few items to raise here for discussion and without further ado:

1. What is the name? "WiX Toolset Visual Studio YYYY Extension" was the best name we've had thus far that minimizes confusion with WiX Extensions but still calls out that this is only Votive (the VS Extension), not the full build tools. Other better name suggestions are welcome.

Proposal: WiX Toolset Visual Studio YYYY Extension  (where YYYY is 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015)

2. When to remove Votive 2010-2015 from the bundles? Either we do it in WiX v3.11 or later (duh). The general consensus has been to do it now, as part of WiX v3.11 so the Votive acquisition experience is consistent. It is a breaking change from the user experience point of view but the changes introduced by Visual Studio 2017 seems like a the best time to introduce the Votive changes.

Proposal: v3.11

3. What should be the name of the repository be? Extracting the Votive repository provides a lot of value and is the perfect place to start the Repository Reorganization (http://wixtoolset.org/development/wips/5489-repository-reorganization/). The only real question is what to name it. The root namespace for all WiX code is now "WixToolset" so the thinking is to name repositories the same as the next part of the code namespace. In this case Votive uses the namespace "WixToolset.VisualStudioExtension" so the proposed repository name would be "VisualStudioExtension". You might wonder why the namespace for Votive isn't "WixToolset.Votive". It could be but that name actually clashes with some of the classes internally. "VisualStudioExtension" avoids any internal code confusion. Of course, we could still call the repository "Votive" if we wanted.

Proposal: VisualStudioExtension (aka: https://github.com/wixtoolset/VisualStudioExtension/).

4. What should the version be? Currently Votive is versioned with the toolset. Now that it will be able to be independent from WiX Toolset version, what number should we use? I've proposed that we start with "v1" since it is a clean break and all other close version numbers (v3, v4, v5) have meaning in WiX and v10 just feels random. But open to other ideas. Reminder, this is the internal versioning of Votive. It has nothing to do with what VS versions are supported.

Proposal: v1.0

I'm very interested to see if anyone has some better ideas or sees ship stoppers in the proposals that we've not considered yet. We're pretty excited to be on track to release a WiX v3.11 Beta/RC with VS2017 RTM. Closing these open issues is the next step towards that RC.

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