[wix-devs] util:PermissionEx and support for registry inheritance

Jeremy Hurren lordjeb at lordjeb.com
Wed May 11 11:00:00 PDT 2016

Just ran into an issue with wix 3.x where these permissions are applied as
"applies to subfolders" for directories, but as "applies to this key only"
for registry keys. Sadly, this registry behavior won't work for my project,
and I need to fix this.

It appears that the following issues all refer to the same thing and have
been around for quite some time:

So is there any reason that it shouldn't be addressed and fixed in wix3
repository? (I have seen that the wix3 repo appears to have been limited in
changes to security-type fixes, I assume in the hope of focusing effort
towards the wix4 project.)

--Jeremy Hurren

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