[wix-devs] wix3/wix4 forks

Phill Hogland phill.hogland at rimage.com
Mon Feb 22 08:40:04 PST 2016

I would like to wipe out or otherwise reset the github forks that I have at wixtoolset github under PhillHgl.  Some time back I tried to submit pull requests to each but things got all messed up.  While I posted a long explanation then and also asked this question without answer, I don't know what to do except wipe it out and start from a clean slate.  Can you tell me how to wipe out those forks? (or if this is the wrong idea what should I do to start from a clean slate?  At the moment I cannot do any building of the wix source so I might as well eliminate the related noise up on github.  Does that make sense?)

Thanks for any suggestions or assistance.

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