[wix-devs] WiX Web Site

Brian Drennan brian.e.drennan at outlook.com
Fri Feb 12 20:10:58 PST 2016

Hey all,

Just a quick question about the site, because the few times I’ve looked at it I’ve been perplexed about something:

The site has this (raw) content in the releases.html.cshtml document:

layout: herosmall
title: Releases
subtitle: weekly
image: /content/red_smoke_4.jpg
releases?: query documents where sourceRelativeFolder eq "documents\releases" descending date take 5
sidebarTitle: Published releases
sidebarItems: [
  { uri: "/releases/v3.10/stable",
    text: "WiX v3.10.1 (Stable)" },
  { uri: "/releases/v3.9/stable",
    text: "WiX v3.9 R2 (Stable)" },
  { uri: "/releases/v3.8/stable",
    text: "WiX v3.8 (Stable)" },
  { uri: "/releases/v3.7/stable",
    text: "WiX v3.7 (Stable)" },
  { uri: "/releases/v3.6/stable",
    text: "WiX v3.6 (Stable)" },
  { uri: "/releases/v3.5/stable",
    text: "WiX v3.5 (Stable)" },
  { uri: "/releases/v3.0/stable",
    text: "WiX v3.0 (Stable)" },
  { uri: "/releases/v2.0/stable",
    text: "WiX v2.0 (Stable)" }

Is this just markdown? It’s for some reason not being rendered when I run tinysite.exe (I re-pulled the source). Am I missing something? My apologies, I’m new to web development.

Also, that releases?: line – looks to me like a LINQ query, but I’ve never seen this in a web project previously (in my oh so extensive experience with web projects – I do mean that with the utmost sarcasm).

Sorry if the question is a bit of a newbie one, but we’re officially stretching the bounds of any prior experience I can draw from (which is part of why I wanted to get involved in the first place).

Thanks for the help! Hope everyone is having a good new year so far and enjoys the weekend!

Best Regards,

Brian Drennan

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