[wix-devs] FirewallException to winmgmt (WMI In)

Ofir Cohen ofircohenn at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 17:41:54 PST 2016

Thank you guys a lot for the prompt response and references to code.

I'll start with the CA (deadlines so first things first), and try to take stab
at it after I'm done.

- Ofir

On 22 December 2016 at 03:30, Rob Mensching <rob at firegiant.com> wrote:
> It's been open a long time because no one implemented it. Most people go, "Oh! Not done for me already for free? Well, I'll just go write my own version. Forget making the community better. Taking is easier than giving! Merry Christmas and all that!"
> You'll find the list of people that contributed extensions is *very* *very* small (most of them work at FireGiant now).
> I applaud you for considering actually solving the problem. <smile/>
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> This isn't encouraging :-)
> If I were to be pragmatic/realistic about this feature request, what would you recommend:
> 1) I implement this (with the help of some WiX devs)
> 2) I implement custom actions in my installer to:
>    i. enable this on install/modify (if needed)
>       system("netsh advfirewall firewall set rule name="Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI-In)" new enable=yes");
>    ii. on uninstall restore the state of this rule?
> ?
> Thanks!
> - Ofir
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