[wix-devs] FirewallException to winmgmt (WMI In)

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Wed Dec 21 17:27:15 PST 2016

IIRC, the WixGamingExtension is a pretty self-contained good example.

Also, I generally despise shelling out to executables when there is a Windows API available. So look for that before writing a bunch of ::CreateProcess() code.

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Got it, thanks a lot :-)!

I know that this isn't just about executing the "netsh advfirewall" command, it's about doing it in a transaction-like approach so if the installer for instance fails during execution, I need to rollback my CA.

Could you please recommend a tutorial/walkthrough on how to implement it safely?

Even a "Hello World" .wxs with a minimalistic custom CA that captures the "install-rollback-uninstall" cycle will be great!


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