[wix-devs] v4 - which .NET Framework?

Phill Hogland phill.hogland at rimage.com
Tue Aug 2 09:25:21 PDT 2016

It came from here (so I have tried to follow this advice):

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That's a doc bug indeed. (And I discourage the use of the Web redist; it actually downloads more bytes than would be downloaded for the full redist.)

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If we're going to target a lower version of .NET than the one that the
bundle includes, then there's no reason for us to pick only one version of
.NET for the bundle.  We can set it up such that it installs .NET 4.0 on XP
SP3, .NET 4.6 on Vista SP2, and .NET 4.6.1 on Win 7 SP1 and later.

The question then becomes, what happens when there is no 4.x version of
.NET installed on the machine and the version of .NET we have in the bundle
can't be installed on the current OS.  For instance, 4.6.1 cannot be
installed on completely unpatched versions of Windows (I don't remember off
the top of my head which ones), it requires one (or more) Windows Updates
and/or service packs.  Do we just pop up a message saying that they need to
update their OS?  Do we ask them to enable the .NET feature in Windows, or
add functionality to burn to do it ourselves?

Also, Phill mentioned switching to a Redist version.  I'm not sure where
that came from, or why we would want to do that.  If that's because of
layout, then I think there's a feature that could be written for Burn where
it can support using a Web version for install and a Redist version for

On Tue, Aug 2, 2016 at 10:21 AM, Rob Mensching <rob at firegiant.com> wrote:

> The primary goal is to avoid upgrading a machine's .NET Framework as much
> as possible. So, if WiX Toolset can run on vanilla .NET Framework v4.0 or
> v4.5 then we should do that.
> Think of the devs still using VS2010.
> So the BA should require the highest version of .NET Framework that any of
> the WiX Toolset functionality require. When its requirements are not met,
> it will fall back to installing a .NET Framework.
> Now. when we must install a .NET Framework, we should install a supported
> version. We shouldn't put something on the user's machine that is
> immediately going to need to be upgraded.
> In that light, v4.6.1 seemed like the most forward looking version to
> install. But Phil points out that won't support Vista. So, I think we
> should support v4.5.2. I don't really want to have people complaining that
> their "Vista build machines" (as ever unlikely as that is) are now broken
> because WiX Toolset won't just install. Yes, they could manually go get a
> lower version of .NET Framework (and chances are they already have one on
> the machine if it's a build machine) but it's easier if we just pick a
> supported working version. I could be convinced otherwise though if someone
> felt strongly about v4.6.1.
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> This is continuing the discussion started at
> https://github.com/wixtoolset/wix4/pull/209.
> In order to avoid upgrading someone's NETFX just for WiX, we will need to
> setup an InstallCondition for the .NET package.  This is because those
> packages have no InstallCondition by default, so even if the BA can run
> without going through the prereq bundle, the bundle is still going to
> install the package we include.
> Bob said we should avoid installing anything below v4.5.2 because that's
> the oldest supported version.  If we're caring about what Microsoft
> supports, then why are we still targeting an unsupported framework?  It
> seems like we're basically trying to get into the position where our bundle
> never installs NETFX.  I think if we keep targeting .NET 4 and only include
> .NET 4 in our bundle, we would almost never install NETFX anyway.
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