[wix-devs] What version should changes be made to and a few questions

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Thu Sep 24 00:03:11 PDT 2015

Burn has no UI so I'm guessing you're talking more about wixstdba.

All feature work should target WiX v4.0.  WiX v3.x is quickly moving towards maintenance only.

UI is almost exclusively all handeled by dutil's thmutil: src\libs\dutil\thmutil.cpp

What issues in particular are needing improvement?
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I ma looking in to what it would take to make burn accessible.

What version should this be made for 3.x or 4?
Also where is best to start in the code in terms of where the UI is rendered-does the bootstrapperr render any UI? Also, how are the theme files converted to UI elements?
Any help appreciated.
Kind regards
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