[wix-devs] using git

Phill Hogland phill.hogland at rimage.com
Fri Oct 30 14:18:16 PDT 2015

    I have been studying tutorials and experimenting with git as I try to make some simple changes to wix3 to submit some translated strings for various extension related to WIXBUG 4932.  But I think my problem is that last week I very confidently went through some git steps and committed changes, submitting a pull request, which I have since deleted.  Back then I apparently failed to update my fork and local branch before making the changes and pushing them up.  So the simple commit of 11 changes had 200+ changes and was a mess.

    Since then I have:

    Deleted the pull request.

    Deleted my local <feature> branch (several times, as I am getting good at making this change and finding problems with it, such as some files already go pushed up with all of the other junk, and others did not).

    My current goal is to get back to a 'clean' starting point.  I don't really care about keeping any of the changes.

    So recently I did:

    Git reset -hard <SHA> of earliest SHA as listed in git log.  Which worked and turned 'develop' from blue to red (I can guess what that means but not sure).

    I then tried to do:

    Git merge upstream/develop  But this returns fatal error - Updates were rejected because the tip of your current branch is behind its remote counterpart.

    I think that is because last week I did git push origin develop after making the changes incorrectly and not previously doing the git merge upstream/develop

    So at this point I don't care about any of my changes as I can recreate them easy enough.  I am just trying to get back to a clean starting point and I thing the problem is at the fork up on github, but I obviously have a lot to learn about this stuff.

    Thanks for any help!


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